Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Christmas in August

It's unpacking time. That's why this is going to be a short entry. At least I'm planning on making this one short. We finally got our furniture and everything else that belongs to us, that we've been missing for the last 9 weeks. Sleeping on air mattresses for almost two months gets old very quick.

Since yesterday I'm surrounded by boxes and feel like gozilla, walking around between them. It's kinda like christmas opening all the boxes, taking off the paper and discovering what's inside. Most the time it's just not what you've been looking for for the last hours. At least I got everybodys beds ready last night. The movers put some of the boxes in the wrong rooms and I found my bathroom box with all the towels in the kitchen, my figurines upstairs with the computer and the mirror part for my dresser is still outside in the shed. I guess after 11 crates they weren't in the mood either anymore and wanted to go home. At least I'm not like some people that let them unpack everything. My house is just a total mess right now. I've been working on unpacking my kitchen almost all day. Now we have to face the fact that after 5 times moving our entertainment center is just not going to be with us anymore. That means running around the furniture stores and finding a new one, or the house is not going to be presentable in that area. We want to get at least the downstairs done this week to be able to let people into the house, in case somebody wants to come by. Who cares about upstairs right now - well, the boys do, because they can't find all their toys yet. I can't believe how many boxes were labeled "Clothing". Do I have that many clothes? Where did they come from. I don't shop for cloths, I actually almost hate it. I have a lot of sweaters that will probably not even make it out of the boxes for a while. Last time we were stationed in San Diego, they were packed away for 3 years. I don't think Georgia is going to be much different. I don't think that one-year-rule applies for military families. If I would throw away everything I'm not using within one year, I'd have to buy it again at our next duty station.

By the way, my movers that packed me up didn't show much respect toward my yarn either. I found my yarn, that was wound with a woolwinder tossed into a box instead of being stacked in there. Now I had to be careful not to pull any threats when I took I out. I set it out nicely and let it unscrunch for a day. Shame on him. He also labled the boxes with my fabrics as "Naeh Lappen" which loosely translates into sewing rags. What a moran!!!. I'm afraid to look into the other boxes he packed. This guy did my whole bedroom and most of my crafts. I bet he was starting to go nuts everytime he opened another closed and found another stash or more crafts and quilting and knitting books. I even had fabric in the basement!!!

Well, enough with taking a break. The boys are hungry and my kitchen is calling me.


At 8:37 AM, Anonymous keri said...

Good luck with the unpacking! It must be so nice to find all that stuff you can use and I can't wait to see your craft room when it's all put together.


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