Monday, June 22, 2009


See what happens if you put all your stuff on Ravelry? You forget to post it on blogger. Here is my Mirlada Shawl that I forgot to blog about. It was made from fingering weight Jojoland Melody I brought home from RoLynn's. I didn't even touch the 4th ball that I bought for this project. Here are the pics.

Knock Knock

Yes, it's me, I'm still here. I'm surprised anybody still reads my blog after my long times of not showing any sign of life. I guess I have to make it at least a once a month thingy. It's really not that I don't have the projects to do, it's more like the projects I do and can't show yet. Then there is the other thing with the kids being out of school hogging my computer every minute of the day. I feel lucky if I can shoo them away for a couple of minutes to check my emails and my Ravelry page. One falls move, I tell you, and they are stuck to that computer again like flies to the trash. Well, that's a little harsh compairison, but you get the picture, I'm sure.

Anyway, so you all won't forget about me completely, here are some things I want to show off that I've been working on. First of all my latest FO. It's well known to everybody as the Girasole, so I won't have to say anything else about it. I'm sure you know where to find it. The yarn is some good old Wintuk acrylic (hey, don't knock it) which was handed down to me by a friend in exchange for one of my adorable Hedgies. Nine balls of it turned into this beauty. It's already well in use by my kids and even another friends cats got to enjoy it, when I brought it for show and tell in our last knitting group meeting. It's not blocked and I don't know if it ever will be. I don't thinks it going to work for it anyway, but it sure looks pretty. Oh, and I forgot to mention that it took me 10 days from cast on to the last stitch.

Next up are the things I got to knit for RoLynn and Ashley of Enchanted Yarn and Fiber. They asked me to make some things to put into their store, since running a store is seriously cutting into their own knitting time.

The first one is a scarf knit from Noro Silk Garden. This yarn is really soft and knits up really fast. The only thing is that you can't see much of the stitches, since it's kind of bumpy.

The other one is a Boys V-neck vest made from Crofter DK, a nice cotton/acrylic blend. It has a nice drape to it without being too heavy and comes in self striping colors. I was so temped to take some pink home with me to make it into a baby blanket, but don't have one "lined up" with anybody I know.

The last one was a cute little cardigan knit from Linares yarn, a cotton/viscose blend. I has a really nice sheen to it and that cardigan took 5 balls, which means it weighs a good pound!

Next up is the fish hat I just had to knit for my boys. The pattern can be found on Knitty and knits up really fast. We haven't decided yet if the fish is going to be dead or alive, so for now he is just blind.

Let's see, what else. Hmmm, ah yes, there is this little beaded purse I knitted up in an afternoon. The stringing of the beads took almost more time that the whole knitting part itself. I'm still on the lookout for the perfect bead to close it up with and I need to add a strap. It's really tiny and I don't think that even my cell phone would fit into it.

And this is what I have on the needles right now. It's some kind of bulky black cotton paired up with a shiny thread with fuzzies (I know, very scientific). By themselves either one of those yarns wouldn't have made any impact, but paired together they make for a nice, almost elegant looking, bag. It's going to be a market bag, so we'll see what it's actually getting used for, when it's done.

I already have the yarn for my next KP project in my house, all lined up and ready to cast on. One problem though - I don't have a pattern yet. Hmm, that might be a little bit of a problem, right? Well, why should I be the only one to suffer. I leave you with this picture and see what you would come up with.