Saturday, March 21, 2009

All about dogs

Yes, this post is all about dogs. First, here is what my "puppy" presented me with yesterday after just leaving the room for 5 minutes.

Nice, isn't it? It's what's left of one for Aaron's felted slippers. He couldn't find it the night before. Well, the dog it. She went to town with it and had it chewed up in no time. Luckily I have enough of the yarn left to make him another single slipper. Now I just have to make sure it felts to the same size.
Next is the doggy, I might replace that first one with. It's going to be a doggy pillow. Not a pillow for the dog, but a pillow that looks like a dog. Aaron also picked that one and wanted it to look like our retriever mix.
Staying with the animal theme, here is a little friend that I made quickly for a member of our knitting group. She has a habit of frogging everything at least once, so I thought she might be in good company like that. She loved him. (No, he is not flipping anybody off, I just didn't block his "fingers" out into the right direction :) ). He was fun to do, but is one of those projects you only do once.
I'm done with the pink lacy KnitPicks testknit, way ahead of schedule, which leaves me with some knitting/crochet time for myself. I also finished this Helena cardigan from Knitty. It's really pink, but the picture came out blue. Don't ask me why. I might have to retake it, before it goes to my neighbor, who is pregnant right now. It was supposed to be a 6 month size, but since I din't check the gauge before I started, she won't be able to use it for another year or so. Ooops.
Have a nice and productive weekend.

Monday, March 09, 2009


I have to admit that I'm taking way to many and too long breaks inbetween posts, but what's a girl to do if there isn't much I can show, because I've been doing a lot of Knit Picks work. I'm on the third one since the last post and none of them I can show you. Too bad. One was purple and with a new tweedy worsted yarn, that they don't even sell on the website yet, plus it's a new in house design, so no info on that. The next one is a baby set, that I just sent back last friday. It's in the new organic cotton yarn you see on the KP main page right now and will be in the may catalog. The latest one I got it lace. That's all I can tell you and it's a new color for the Shadow yarn. Yum, I say. You might find some sneak pics on Ravelry.

Also, I've felted five pairs of slippers so far and finished a baby blanket. Here are the finished pics.

This pair went to Monika and I'm happy to report that she likes them very much.This is the pair my younger son wanted and got.

And this one is my older son with his beloved slippers. I have to say that they have been a success and very well received. This is the baby blanket that is going to his new intented owner. I saw the pregnant mom yesterday and it's time to pack it up and give it away next weekend.

We, the Hardin County Fiber Arts Group on Ravelry, are also entering in a arts and crafts fair in our area in May and we've been brainstorming and coming up with all kinds of things to make and sell. Here is what I made so far. It's not much, but you have to admit, I didn't have much time for lots of inbetween-knitting.
I call him a snuggle bear. I've knitted a bear head and stuffed him and attached him to a snuggly blanket. We'll see how many more of these I can crank out.
I hope that was enough update for now, because I need to get back to brainstorming.