Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"Grey Matter" FO

You have to excuse me, but I had a little too much "Ben 10" intake this weekend. My kids are absolute fans. And since I've been frantically working on the grey test knit to finally finish it, I thought it would be appropriate to nick name it "Grey Matter", like one of the characters in the movie. Of course it has a much lovelier name in reality and it turned out really nice, but I'm waiting for the model shot on the Internet or the catalog to appear, before I claim it as mine. :)

So with that out of the way I can finally throw myself onto the swap mittens, which I so badly neglected. Sorry Katie, but I'll get right to it. I'm jumping back and forth between patterns and yarn to try to find the perfect combination, but it's not easy knitting something for somebody I don't really know. After all I don't want her to unwrap it and say "oh, oh well, anybody want those?" Not, I want her to know that those were made especially for her and lots of thought and effort went into making them. After all, that's what should go into any project.

Then I have to report that I'm knitting along on the Shaped Triangle too, but the rows seem to get soooo much longer every time. Wait, I'm not imagining that, they are getting longer. Ha, ha. I'm about 20 rows away from the edge, but that doesn't mean I'm done. It still has a nice border going along side the edge. I'll keep you updated and I'd like to show some pictures, but "grey matter" can't be revealed yet and the shawl looks like a big blue blob, not very appealing. So I guess you'll have wait a while. Sorry.

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Stranded Mittens done

I'm happy to report that the blue and grey starnded fingerless mittens (wow, what a name) for my son are done. They turned out a little tight, so note to myself: Use bigger needles next time, when I knit stranded!

Now on to the next WIP

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Quick Fix

I was on the search for a pattern for my fingerless mittens swap partner and dug around in the new IK Winter issue.
I found the Kilm Gloves, but wanted to make them without fingers. Also with less colors. I found the left over yarn from the Knit Picks Fair Isle Sweater from a couple of month ago. I had to put the grey (sweater) and the blue yarn (lace) down so I would get a change of scenery. Did I really? This is what I pulled out. Grey and blue. Again.

After a few adjustments in patterning, you can see I changed the cuff and the cross turned into a star, I came up with this:

Now comes the other dilemma. They are too tight to fit a grown person. So I was debating to either rip them down to the cuff and reknit on a bigger needle or find a suitable victim. Also, my swap partner lives in New Mexico, so 100 % wool might not be so suitable for that kind of climate. My older son liked them so I decided to finish mitten #1 and cast on mitten # 2. I might have them done by tomorrow. Don't hate me, please, but when I get into a project, especially a small one like that, it can go fast. I'll see if I can find something new in sock yarn or a single layer pattern for my swap partner. We'll see. Plus I need to keep the suspense up for her and wouldn't want to blow it by posting about it online. :D. I know, I'm so mean.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

On the cover

I don't know how fast the mail system in other parts of the country, but here in Georgia, I just found my November issue of the new Knit Picks catalog in the mailbox today and my gloves are on the front cover. Woohoo, how proud am I. Not only is my stuff in print, but on the first page too. Just wanted to brag, even though you've already seen them.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Keep moving People, not much to see here

No, really, I feel like I haven't done much lately, but at the same time I'm wondering why my fingers are hurting so much. I am doing some knitting, but I can't seem to find anything to show for. I had to reknit part of the test knit, because I was reading "around 5 corners" again, like I like to call it, instead of how the pattern said and ended up frogging an equivalent to one whole front half of the project. Nice. I know. Here is a quick pick of the edge, which is about the only interesting thing about it right now, unless you want to see more stockinette.

Then I wanted to show you that the lace project for my friend hasn't been totally neglected either. I finally got to the part where I start seeing some kind of a more interesting pattern, but or course that would also be the part where the whole thing gets to be big to make a nice picture or the whole project. So here is the picture of the evolving pattern and at the same time of the rest of it which looks like lace barf. Sorry, but I can't think of a better way to describe it at the moment.

I still haven't decided yet which mittens I'm knitting for my swap partner (sorry Katie, but I'll get right to it, promise), so there is nothing to see there either.

So I'll leave you with lots of things to look forward to, depending on what happens first, me being able to show more progress or the batteries being charged ;o)
PS. Sorry about the fuzzy pictures.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

FO to report

Here is a quick picture of the finished blue baby blanket, before the batteries ran out again on the camera. Darn rechargeable batteries. Anyway, I'll be sending this out today or tomorrow and hopefully it should make it to my friends house in California before the baby does. Fly mailman, fly. :)

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Monday, November 05, 2007

I'm not THAT fast

Just wanted to clear up a misconception and let everybody know that I'm not competing with Wanietta and I'm NOT that fast of a knitter, especially with lace. The red one is the one in the book, just so you don't have to run and look for the shawl I'm talking about. It's not that popular, that everybody instantly knows what I'm talking about. The blue little triangle is mine so far, well, a little further by now, but still far from being done.

I've been working on the baby blanket all weekend long. I'm finally at the edge and then it'll go into a box and I don't ever want to see it again. No, not really, it's still made with lots of love, but it was the kind that you don't mind, when it's over and gone.

So since one didn't make much progress, the other isn't done and the third is "sleeping", there won't be no progress shots this time. I'll report back with a picture of the blanket hopefully tomorrow. Good night. The time change is still kicking my a... big time.

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Lace update

Here is my latest update. I had to take a little thinking break on the testknit pattern and turned my attention to the new lace pattern I appointed my next project. It's the Shaped Triangle from Meg Swanson's "Gathering of Lace".

This is what it looks like in the book and this is my progress so far. Now remember, that I have other thing on the needles, that also need a little attention every now and then, so I haven't been going as fast as I was hoping.

This pattern repeats itself up to row 108, so I have a little further to go, before it's more interesting and I actually have to pull out the pattern again.

And that should be if for this weekends knitting predictions. Stay tuned as I'll try to keep you updated. Have a happy knitting weekend. See you again soon. :)

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