Friday, August 08, 2008

Greetings from Kentucky

Hey ya'll. I'm waving hello to you from my new home in Fort Knox, Kentucky. Well, more or less new home, since I'm greeting you from our hotel, where we are currently staying in. If you read my blog more often you'll know that my husband is in the military and that it was time for us once again to pack up our TA-50 and our bags and move to our new duty station. We left Georgia last friday and made our way up to Kentucky, with a quick stop over night in Nashville. We signed in here on post on saturday and are in the hotel since then.

We used the weekend of explore our surrounding towns and made our first trip to check out Louisville. Here is where we ate for lunch:

and we also got to check out the Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum.
And this is what's located right next door. Too funny.

After running around like crazy for a couple of days and getting my kids set up for school, it's quiet time for me right now. I'm knitting along on the Traveling Roses Scarf that is my travel project, but I got a little bored with it. So since knitting stores are not on every corner here, Walmart had to come to the rescue and I got some size 8 needles and some pastel colored acrylic yarn (don't booh me for that) and I started on a new baby blanket from these dish cloth patterns here.

My plan is to knit the whole alphabet and then piece it together to make a blanket. So far I'm on "C" and it's coming along pretty good, except that I'm not very happy with those 14" way too long Boye needles, but they'll have to do for now. Hopefully by the end of the month I'll have all my stuff back. So keep your fingers crossed, that we find a right house for us soon.
Oh, and I almost forgot. Do you remember that pile of grey yarn with those blue? Well, I found that on the Knit Picks site. This is what it turned out to be.


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