Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Not much to show for

Hey everyone. I just realized it's been a good two weeks since you last saw a sign of life from me. I know, enough with the apologies, but there was just not much going on here on the knitting front that would be worth showing. I haven't been lazy, by god no, but do you really want to see sneak peeks of the same tide pool yarn over and over again? It's not like I can tell you much about it, but my test knit is pretty much been taking up most, or better yet all of my knitting time. I'm finally on the last piece of it and might be done by the end of this week. Cross your needles for me on this one, since crossing your fingers would make it hard for you to knit. :)

So, what else... well, I've been following all of your blogs, as some of you can tell by the frequently left comments and I also check in on my friends on ravelry, so don't think you are neglected. I've just not been in a very sociable or talkative mood lately. Some news are brewing around here, but nothing conclusive can be told yet, so I'll leave it at that. I know, mysteries galore today.

Knit Picks is starting a knitting community. I don't know how many of you have heard about it yet, but I got an invitation today and so far it's still in the testing stage and will hopefully soon be open to the whole knitting public. Blogger still won't let me link, so you'll have to google for it. Btw, has anybody else have that problem?

I promise not to leave you hanging for so long between posts and hopefully I have some other stuff, that is picture worthy, to show for by next week. Until then, happy knitting.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another KP testknit released

From time to time I have to check the Knit Picks website to see if any of my test knits popped up yet, since I don't get notice of it. So today I was snooping around there and behold, my "KP6" (it's easier to just number them) was out in the pattern page. Here it is what the website shows:

This is what the pattern in the book looks like. I think this picture shows the overlapping front pieces better.

The pattern is "Elise" and can be found in the book "Vintage Knits", also sold on KP, or course. I did like knitting it with the Elegance yarn.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Pictures? Here you go...

I finished blocking the Garden Party Shawl today and took it out for a photo shoot. I'll spare you the self-portait in the bathroom mirrow shot. I just draped it and hoped for the best. Here you go. I'm sure you like it. It's amazing how the color can change because of inside flash and outside light (in the shade I must add).

Don't blame me, I was on a roll and wanted to take advantage of the batteries being full.

Here is a little peek at the KP project. I know, a little fuzzy, but that could just as well be the yarn. Do you see it's lace weight? Actually it's KP Alpace Cloud in Tidepool. Now what could she make from that.... You'll see, eventually.

Gotta go, gotta catch up on knitting...

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In case you've been wondering ...

what I've been up to? I've been nursing my nasty cold. It's think it's finally getting the hint, that it's no longer welcome and I'm getting more productive. I'll spare you the details on the cold front.

I've finished Laura's Garden Party shawl (blogger won't let me link to her right now), tucked in the last loose ends, tried to drown it and then put it on the stretcher :). Hey, I'm just getting even now. Unfortunately the gold color doesn't give me a very good contrast on my beige carpet to show you the stretched out version, so I suggest you have to wait until it's dry and I'll try to get a model shot instead. It's gorgeous though and worth knitting it for sure. Now, as you might know, this is not your average beginners shawl. It works in many different directions, but Laura made it easy to follow her instructions. All of us testknitters put our two cents into the final version and I think it's ready to go. In the meantime, until it's available either on her blog or at the Loopy Ewe (right Laura?) you'll just have to put up with drooling over the finished pictures. I'm still waiting to see what Kristie's (Guilty Pleasures) version looks like.

Then I've been casting on my new Knit Picks test knit. I know, that's all I seem to be doing, but trust me, besides being sick and then having to take care of my also somewhat (maybe just pretending to be?) sick children, I have a life (somewhat) and a job. Imagine that. Anyway, I'll take a teaser picture in a little while, so you can all try to wrap your brains around what it might be I'm doing this time. Hi, hi, I know, I'm so mean, but isn't that one reason why you keep checking back? Just one?

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