Thursday, August 17, 2006

It's starting to get old

Ok, the excitement of getting my stuff is definately gone. It's starting to get really old and I'm starting to move things from one corner into another, just to run into it later again. Today I got so frustrated, that the Good Will Box filled up pretty fast. Even the trashcan got a few bags and we are only done downstairs. At the beginning I didn't have much stuff in my crafts room, but now it's getting a little harder to find a system. I'll figure one out soon, once I have everybodies clothes and the boys' toys sorted out. Then it's time for my stuff. I didn't realize how much fabric, yarn and books and supplies I had. Looking at patterns and figuring out what to do next is one of the things keeping me going right now. Looking at Keri's blog and seeing her stole being finished is another one. I really need to get my stuff put away and organized, so I can relax doing my crafts.

I wonder how long we are going to stay here this time. Lately it seems we are just done unpacking, when we have to pack up and move again. I guess I've done it so many times, that I'm getting kinda tired of it. It's getting time to settle down and stay in one spot for longer than 3 years. All in good time, I guess.

That's my update for today. I'll show my crafty items as I run across them and put them away. I wonder what you think about them.


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