Monday, June 11, 2007

Ok, here it is

You were wondering what I was making the fuzz about? Well, it's not a big thing for some people, but it's great for me. I was approached by knit picks (yes, the catalog) to be a test knitter for them. Don't ask me how I got that honor, but I think it's too cool. I didn't want to jinx it before it was official. I can't believe I'm getting paid to knit, which I'm doing in my spare time anyway, and believe me, spare time I have lots of. I love this. I already have my first project on the way to me. I'm not allowed to tell you exactly what it is, but I guess I can show little hints, kinda like Eunny did with her entrelac socks, or Grumperina with her sock in on of the latest IK issues. That's why my own knitting is going to be on hold for a while, because those projects have deadlines I have to keep. I hope that the blog won't be getting boring for my devoted audience now, but I'm hoping to have time for some regular knitting in between too.

I was thinking of signing up for the mystery stole 3 or knitting something from my new book lace style, that I got not too long ago, but I guess I have to concentrate on my first real paid knit project to see how my timing is. I've never really kept track on how long things took me to finish, sometimes I had some distractions, but do you remember how fast I zoomed through that Rona Lace Shawl? And that was not a dish cloth either. That shawl was huge, but it was fun and interesting to knit and that's what kept me going. So we'll see how that first project will be. Keep you fingers/needles crossed for me that I don't screw this up for myself. My kids are very confident that I'll have no problem. Well, I guess they don't mind eating take out, when I don't have time to cook or finding their favorites (Chef Boyardee or Pizza) on the menu :)

Oh, and I started on sleeve # 2 for the fair isle sweater and finished one for two monkey socks. A productive weekend after all, even though I caught my sons cold.

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At 10:40 AM, Blogger Tammy said...

Congratulations! How exciting for you. They obviously appreciated your beautiful work. :)

At 11:19 AM, Blogger Marina said...

That's wonderful! Congratulations!

At 11:51 AM, Blogger Sue J. said...

Congratulations, Angelika! What a wonderful thing to do. And what an honor! I have no doubt that they saw your gorgeous work on your blog and said, "we have to have her." How exciting! I'm so happy for you.

At 3:07 PM, Anonymous tiennie said...

How awesome! So very cool - congrats!

At 11:26 PM, Blogger Erica said...

Wow, that sounds so cool! Congratulations!!!

At 1:31 PM, Anonymous Krista said...

Congrats! What exciting news. I hope it's super fun for you :)

At 3:54 AM, Anonymous Rachel said...

How cool that you get paid to knit! You'll have to let us know which samples you make so we can look out for them in the catalogs!

At 2:05 AM, Blogger ~Kristie said...

Well of course it's obvious! Someone from KnitPicks has been stalking your blog, has seen all of the beautiful things you knit and said... she's the one!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Don't tell my husband though. He keeps wondering when someone will start paying me to knit.


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