Friday, May 25, 2007

Lopi update

I don't have any exciting pictures for you this time, because I don't think you would want to see one that looks close to the last one, would you? I have two color repeats done which brings me close to the steek for the arms. The pattern calls for knitting in rows, but thanks to Laurie's encouragement I'm following in her footsteps and going with the steek. She also did a steek on the neck of her sweater, but that will take a while for me to get there. For now we will attempt to master the arm steeks. I have never done this before, so bear with me.

Also, I turned the heel on the first monkey sock. I'm creeping along slowly on either one of my projects and don't know why. I'm dreading to start on something else, because that would slow down the rest of them even more.

Another thing is, that my kids are out of school now for the summer. Oh boy! That means no work for me, since I only have a little side job that makes enough money so I won't have to run for an ATM all the time, but not enough to pay for a babysitter for two kids. So, being the loving mom that I am (cough) I put my "waste of time" on ice for the summer and am staying at home with the kids. That should give me lots of knitting time, you would think. Well, we'll see about this. I found the plug to our keyboard a couple of days ago and now the well hidden Mozart in my oldest son is trying to get out. Most the time he makes pretty good tunes, but after two cups of coffee and the little one bugging to play something that just won't work, nothing that comes from that keyboard sounds remotely soothing to me. And this is only the first morning!!! What to do?

Well, I leave you with this and try to do something constructive with this started day today. Next post will have steek pictures, I promise.



At 10:28 AM, Blogger Marina said...

I have one more (short) week to get in as much knitting as I can before school breaks up. I'll be counting the days till they go back ;-)

At 10:52 AM, Blogger Julie said...

Lucky you - staying home with the little kiddles - you can have "sox on the beach" all summer long! And I'm sure you'll get into a routine soon enough. Enjoy them while they're young because it's true that they really do grow up so fast.


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