Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Almost there

OK, blogger just had me loose my whole entry by me pushing some dumb button, so we'll try this one more time. Let's see. I wanted to let you know that my Bolero is getting there. In fact, it's almost done. I've attached the two sides to each other and I finished one sleeve and right now I'm working on the second one, which was actually the first, but I ended up pulling it out again and making it wider. I just don't like it, when the sleeve is too tight under the arm, plus I'm going to have to wear something under that little lacy piece here anyway, so we don't want it too snug. Anyway, all I have left is one half sleeve and the bands to tie it together. So hopefully the next picture you will see will have a model in it instead of a in-progress shot.

I ended up changing a lot of things on this pattern, size wise that is, but the pattern is still the same. The pattern is more like a guideline anyway and can be altered anytime. That's the whole beauty about handmade things.
On another project note I can tell you that I got the pattern for my next sweater in the mail yesterday. Thanks to Rhonda's speedy delivery I ended up with the pattern first and I'm still awaiting the arrival of the yarn, which doesn't even have to cross any borders. Hopefully it will be there by the time I get done with the Bolero, or I will be forced to slip another project in between. I love the pattern book and all the other sweater projects in it as well as the hats, scarfs and mittens. It will definitely be used for more than the one pattern, but it will surely be a challenge knitting them with 100 % wool in this kind of weather.
We already hit the 90 degree mark today and it was toasty, to say the least. To make matters worse we were getting all the smoke from a nearby wildfire, that has been going on for a couple of days now, so that was a plain headache day for me. Let's just hope that we actually DO get a little bit of rain soon to get rid of that fire the natural way, since firefighters here can't get it out. That sure reminds me of another fire we had in SoCal a few years back, that was right outside our door too. No fun at all, especially when you are getting packed up to go overseas and you are wondering if you are going to HAVE anything to be packed up. But as you can tell we made it and so did all our stuff and this one is further away, but still visible on satelite pictures.



At 11:52 PM, Blogger Kimberly said...

That looks great!!! What changes did you make and how in the world do I crochet the two pieces together? I'm not there yet but I'm thinking ahead a bit. I can't wait to see yours on!

At 1:57 AM, Anonymous Karin said...

Oh Gweli, wenn ich so sehe, was du wieder häkelst, fällt mir wieder mal richtig auf, dass mir meine "Häkeltussi" (gg) abhanden gekommen ist.... Schnief! Wird total klasse!
LG Karin

At 4:05 AM, Blogger ~Kristie said...

You're just zipping right along on that! I'm so excited to see the finished object!

If you get any rain, can you send some here too?

At 4:57 AM, Blogger Sue J. said...

Beautiful bolero, Angelika. I love the delicate look of it. So feminine. Hope you get the much needed rain. There is always a high fire alert here in Yellowstone.

At 6:09 AM, Blogger Marina said...


This is so exciting! You'll need to tell me how the Lopi knits as I've never used it.

At 3:07 PM, Anonymous Rachel said...

The bolero is really cruising along, isn't it? I can't wait to see it when you finish.

I wish we had some rain here to send your way. I haven't seen a drop fall from the sky in weeks.


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