Monday, April 09, 2007

Honest opinions please

So this is what I came home with from the yarn store today. What do you think? Honestly please! I'm not so sure about the color combinations. As balls they might look good, but knitted up I'm not so sure if they like each other. The light part kinda reminds me of strawberry/kiwi? I guess it could grow on me, or maybe should I change a color or two? I didn't have as much choices with the purple as I wanted, so I went with the red/pink color scheme. They did have a grey I could have substituted for either the green or the blue, but it was kinda dark. I'm so in the mood to drive there right now, even though I know exactly that she is closed by the time I get there. Please let me know what you think, because I really want to get started on this. I guess that answers the question why companies sell kits? So people like me don't have to get a headache.



At 7:49 PM, Blogger Sue J. said...

I think it is just gorgeous, and I wouldn't change a thing. Beautiful color combinations. Can't wait to see it as it progresses.

At 10:37 PM, Blogger tiennieknits said...

Please don't be offended - I'm not a fan of red and pink together but really do what you think looks best! I'm not the best judge.

At 3:55 AM, Anonymous Rachel said...

Because you asked for honest opinions, I admit I'm not too keen on the red and the blue. I do love the green and the pinks, but the other two just don't seem right. I wish I had other suggestions, but picking colors for Fair Isle is not a strong suit for me. I guess the only way to get the color combos just right is to keep swatching. Good luck!

At 3:59 AM, Blogger Nickerjac said...

I agree with Rachel I am not keen on the red and blue, I would use one or the other, I like pink and Red and use that colour for a smaller part of the pattern say where you have used the cream and then maybe swap the other for the grey, but that is just my opinion and at the end of the day you are the one that has to like it :)

At 1:20 PM, Blogger Veronika Delvaux said...

I actually like it. The deep red and blue giving the pastel color a bit of a distinguish look. I would say for a fall color combination the pattern and color chart are (in my humble opinion) a very well designed Fair Isle to look at.

At 9:11 PM, Blogger ~Kristie said...

I'm definitely not good at this color thing, but I'll take a "stab" at it!

First I thought it was the blue or the red throwing things off, but then I thought it must be the green. If you swapped out grey for the green, I wonder if that would be better?

At 2:40 AM, Blogger Petra said...

Hallo Angelika,

jetzt hast du schon eine Menge Meinungen (kommt davon, wenn man fragt ;-) ) Irgendwas stört mich auch an dieser Kombination, um ehrlich zu sein. Nur kann ich nicht genau sagen was. Ich glaube aber es ist das Grün, vorallem in den vertikalen Streifen. Das Pink mit Rot wiederum gefällt mir sehr gut.

Liebe Grüsse

At 12:13 PM, Blogger Holly said...

Ich denke grau, nicht blau. Die Andere sind recht schön.

At 9:06 AM, Blogger Kimberly said...

I think it's the blue that's wrong too. Sorry I'm a bit late with my opinion but better late than never. I love the pattern.


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