Friday, April 06, 2007

I'm getting there

Sorry, no progress pictures this time. It's not worth it, but I'm happy to day that I stayed up until midnight last night just to finish the body of the Bonita shirt. After two times knitting back and redoing the shoulders I finally had it done and even too, to mention the least. This morning I sewed together the shoulder seems and tried it on. Success! It fits, nothing pinches on the arms and the neckline is nice. Not too tight and not to revealing (unlike a top I knitted last summer). I do have to say though that I'm going to have to find something to wear underneath, because it's kinda very lacy. Since I did throw the swatch into the washer and even into the dryer and still ended up with a good gauge I might think (don't scream about cotton, shrinking and so on - I said "think") about washing and drying it to make the stitches pull together a bit and make them less "see through". We'll see how it looks like when it's all done.

I'm trying really hard to stay up after finishing this post and get at least one sleeve done and I might actually have a chance there, but my heavy. sleepy eyes might win this fight. Thank god I can knit without looking at the stitches all the time. I think it might help though, if I was awake when I'm doing this, right?

Happy knitting and Happy Easter to all of you, if I don't have a chance to post again before the Holidays are over.



At 7:35 AM, Blogger Julie said...

I'll make sure the Easter bunny leaves the Labatt's alone and makes it down to Georgia!
Hope all is well and Happy Easter!


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