Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fair Isle Update

Well, it finally made it! The yarn made it to my door step (ahem, like two days ago). I was glad to see it and had to open the box right away, of course. I was a little surprised about the yarn. I guess I expected a little softer yarn, but coming from Iceland, I guess I should have expected a little rougher yarn. All in all, I'm OK with it. It's just not merino or cashmere, but it's knittable and I'm getting used to the feel of it. There is just no way that I could wear this straight on my skin, but that's not what that sweater is intended for anyway. So here is the yarn:
Here is the pattern:

And here is my progress so far:

Looking at the pictures now, I have to say I'm kinda impressed about my self. Not so bad, I think. It's fun seeing the pattern emerge, but I tell you what, that beard (I think you know what I'm talking about) is growing with every color change. I also still have my issues when it comes to changing rows and starting a new repeat. I guess I need to do some more research on that one. And whenever I don't feel like putting up with it or I run into a problem, this is what I'm working on:

Excuse the blurry picture, but I really thought this was in focus, when I took the picture. Either way, can you identify the pattern? ......(Elevator music playing)..... Yes, it's Cookie's Monkey Socks. I was going to work on the Baudelaire Socks, but decided I liked this pattern better. It's really easy to remember and doesn't have too many lacy holes. Give it a try some time, it's fun.

Also I want to thank Marina and Laurie for their support in making a fair isle knitter out of me.

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At 4:43 PM, Blogger Marina said...

That looks excellent, Angelika. Those colours are so pretty together.

By the way, I've just uploaded a pic of a side seam onto my blog!

At 8:55 PM, Anonymous tiennie said...

That is going to be a gorgeous sweater! Love the monkeys too.

At 12:30 AM, Anonymous krista said...

Oooh those are pretty colors!

At 1:16 AM, Anonymous leica said...

As I have knit this sweater some time ago, I would recommend you to break the thread and join it with the next color by wetting the end and the beginning of the new color, overlapping and rubbing them. As is with fair isle, the color changes do not need to be absolutely accurate.

liebe grĂ¼sse

At 2:16 AM, Blogger ~Kristie said...

That color combo looks perfect! Looks like you're doing extremely well with the fair isle!

At 6:46 AM, Anonymous pat said...

That sure is a pretty box-o-yarn!! It is going to be a beautiful Fair Isle!!

At 7:54 AM, Anonymous Rachel said...

Wow, the FI sweater is looking great! The colors are working very well together.

At 9:05 PM, Blogger LaurieM said...

Looking good!

I wish I had thought to warn you about the Lopi yarn. I guess I thought everyone knew. The roughness is part of the hairiness I referred too and it's also part of what will make this sweater so very warm to wear.

At 5:38 PM, Blogger Veronika Delvaux said...

Schoene Farben und Leica hat recht. Wenn du Farben wechselst mach deine Handflaechen etwas feucht, Spucke ist gut, (Yak wird auch mit Spuke gesponnen) lege die zwei Faeden entgegengesetzt auf deine Handflaeche und reibe ganz doll die Handballen zusammen. Durch die Hitze die du erzeugst werden die zwei Faeden zu einem. Auserdem bei der Icland Wolle geht das mit den steeks viel einfacher weil die kleinen Wollfasern von der Wolle sich in ein ander "verkeilen", dadurch kannste du eigentlich die steeks schneiden und umlegen ohne Angst zu haben dass sie aufgehen.


At 2:33 AM, Blogger Kathleen in Germany said...

Wow - those fair isle colours are great! I can't wait to see more of the sweater!! Hope it's not too warm to knit yet.


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