Wednesday, August 30, 2006

One UFO down

I got rid of one UFO in my closet yesterday. No, I didn't finish it, I ripped it out and put my wool winder to work. Thanks to Keri I realized I wouldn't have fun finishing it and would only do it out of guilt, so I desided to rather salvage the yarn for another flag project and roll it up in nice an neat packs. One alien less to invate my craft room. Now on to the next one. I tried to make a list on UFO's, but right now they don't seem so many. I think they all got scared and they are hiding. Don't worry, eventually they'll emerge again. I guess I'll run into them when I least expect it and then put them on my list, so they won't escape again.


At 9:49 AM, Anonymous Anja said...

Way to go girl, I am planning for years to make pictures of my yarn stash. I wonder why I never get it done...
Oh gosh I am still hooked on my Wollmeisen. But they are so much fun to knit with. I think I can knit one more baby socks with my left overs and then I am really done. I am waiting for another shipment of Wollmeisen (3 skeins...) I think I have 2 UFOS, but not socks, socks normally get finished around here. I am bad with sweaters and that felted tea cosy, which needs embroidery. Yikes...

Talk to you later,


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