Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Latest projects

I'm currently working on two projects: I started knitting a shawl with Keri, which she is so much faster than me and even promised to knit something inbetween to give me time to catch up - and I really usually don't knit slow, and I have 1 of 2 (of course) of my girly pink heart socks done. Sorry, the picture is not very flattering, but that was just to have something to post. The heart border is not as stretchy as I wanted it to be, which is why they ended up being kids size, about a 2 or so. They fit my 9 year old son, which was not too happy that I used him as a model/tester. He honestly thought they were for him. That was my contribution for fair isle patterns in socks. I think it works better in hats, since they don't have to make it over a heel.

I also have a bunch of pregnant people in my neighborhood. Hmmm, how did that happen. Maybe it has something to do with husbands being gone for a year and coming home about lets say 6 - 8 months ago? Yeah, maybe. Anyway, we just had a baby girl joining our neighborhood yesterday and two more boys on the way within the next two or three months. At least that's all I know of right now. So that would give me a chance to try patching up the relationship with my knitting machine. I was thinking of trying a pattern for a baby blanket. Yes, I know, it's a big project, but the machine will do it for me (so I hope). I just have to put in the pattern card, thread the yarn and off we go. Do I live in a cloud? How did that thing go about the river in egypt? I hope it's that easy, but I guess I won't find out unless I try. At least I have my neighbors as lab mice to try out my creations. I don't think they'll complain if it is given to them? You never know.

Now I'm debating wether I should try out the machine with baby yarn from walmart or rather order some on the internet. I rather look at it to find out if it might fit in the machine. I joked the needles up with some cotton yarn the other day, it was just too thick. Baby yarn is about the only yarn I can find at walmart that is not worsted weight unless I want to drive 40 miles to make it to a real yarn store. Well, those are the not so nice things about living in Georgia's low country. Walmart is about IT here. Keri knows what I am talking about.


At 12:19 PM, Anonymous keri said...

Love the little heart socks, those are so cute!

I hate not having any good yarn stores close by, walmart is IT!

At 9:22 PM, Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

hey there! i love both socks! very cute....keri is so sweet she is doing a KAL with me right now too... shes a busy friend! wow! lots of babies... but yep gone for a year and then they get back.... don't have to be einstien to know whats going on ;)

At 3:46 AM, Anonymous Karin said...

Süß! Die Herzlessöcli! Das glaub ich, daß das deinen Herrn Sohn furchtbar erschreckt hat. Man stelle sich das mal vor, wenn das die anderen Jungs sähen.... Bist ja recht busy. Das mit den Wolläden im Amiland ist echt besch..., tust mir echt leidfür dich!
LG Karin


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