Friday, February 09, 2007

Chunky Knits

First is another FO for this year. It's a cabled hat made of Red Heart worsted weight acrylic yarn. For all of you that are naturalists, you might want to skip this post, because nothing, not even the needles I'm using, has any natura content. Sorry.
The third Bea Ellis hat looks just like my first one, the light blue one, so I didn't think you wanted to see antoher picture of it. It already went to it's new proud owner and therefore not available for interviews anymore.
The next thing I'm working on is a poncho for a 2 year old little girl. It's Red Hearts Kooky yarn and the color is actually hot pink, but as you can see on the two pictures, the colors seem very different.
This picture is to show you the basic principle I'm using to sew the pieces together, so it's not rocket science, just basic knitting. I'm still thinking wether I should make a fringe around it or not, but that might just drown that poor little girl in pink yarn. I need to find a model, that will try this thing on for me, once it's finished. At the rate I'm going I might just be able to put the collar on it tonight and show it off soon.



At 1:16 PM, Anonymous Rachel said...

Oh, goodness, don't apologize for the yarn you are using! Acrylic yarn has it's place, especially in garments intended for kids. They outgrow clothes in the blink of an eye, plus they make such a mess, what's the point of spending a fortune on yarn?

The poncho looks cute, and I like how the hat turned out. You're a hat-knitting machine, aren't you? :)

At 2:41 AM, Anonymous Karin said...

Hallo Hutstrickmaschine! *Lach* Wenn du was machst, dann immer exzessiv!
Wollte auch wieder mal was von mir hören lassen....
LG Karin


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