Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Merry belated Christmas to me

Now how is this for a belated christmas present? I see purple. Somebody sure knows me. I finally got the package from my coworker/lawyer I was working for/with in Germany. This is one of the reasons I didn't want to leave Germany and my last job, but that's military life for you. Anyway, it took about 6 weeks for this goody box to make it across the big pond. Either it got held up with all the christmas mail or it had to swim. No matter, it's a great box. As you can see I got a couple of packs of snowflake yarn to make a nice fuzzy scarf, a couple of packs of Regia, Four Seasons and Lana Grossa sockyarn as well as a couple of packs of Jawohl. Those things have spools on the inside! Also a pack of yarn to embelish the socks and make some fuzzy cuffs and to top it all off a nice pound of coffee to enjoy while I'm knitting. Thank You Susanne. Now you have officially been mentioned on my blog.

PS: 148/153 another round of those darn holes to knit. :)


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