Tuesday, February 13, 2007

On the needles

On Saturday I had a day off and took a little trip with my family to Tallahassee, FL to visit the dealer for my husband's soon to be motorcycle. The first one got handed over to the owner and he wanted to be there and get a chance to straddle it. Well, boys and their toys. That gave me about 4 1/2 hours of knitting time in the car!!!! I was working on this mitten and I'm just waiting on the recipient's approval for the size before cutting it off and closing it up and starting on the maid.

Once done with this and only half way to our destination I had to start on the matching scarf.

I really wish the braid pattern would show more, but this is the first time I actually pay attention to the way the yarn zig-zags across. The little lumpy looking spots in there are the braids, so the hat, the mittens and the scarf all have the same pattern. When they are all done I'll shoot a family picture of them all to show them off.

I'm also on the second half of the second little poncho and it's growing up sooo fast. I also don't want to bore you with a picture of more acrylic until it's all done, which should be sometime today (?).

I got another set of legwarmers done. They are knitted on the machine and just need to be sewn up in the back. The first pair is already in use and I have to see if I can catch the model. I forgot to snap a picture before they left my house :( That won't happen again (I hope).

Otherwise at the moment my life is kinda hectic for reasons I can't reveal yet. Ssshhhhh. Opsec, for all that know what that means. Sigh. Then there are the taxes, a visit to the dentist who wants to crown my little six-year-old, disagreements with loan applications and so on. It's no fun at times, but that's where the knitting needles bring some peace to my hectic schedule. Which, reminds me .... gotta run (again).


At 11:38 AM, Anonymous keri said...

The knitting looks great, I love the color even if I can't see what the pattern is on the screen ;)

Good luck with your day!

At 12:41 PM, Blogger Julie said...

I think that we get so caught up in what the yarn is made of that we forget about the love and care that goes into a piece (or pieces). You can tell that you have knit some lovely things here and whomever receives them must be ecstatic! And how is your weather down there? Good enough for a trip to Tallahassee, right?

At 3:54 PM, Anonymous Rachel said...

Trying to knit textured or patterned garments in a variegated yarn is so difficult. I love how the mittens turned out, and the scarf looks great even if the pattern is hard to see.

At 6:02 PM, Anonymous Pat said...

The mitts and scarf are lovely in the variegated blue - I'm looking forward to seeing the trio!


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