Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mama Llama Socks

Hey, how do you like those funky socks? Aren't they cool? Well, look no furthen than to to Catherine's online store. If you can't find it check you favorite blogs, hers it the Knittin' Notes and go from there. Anyway, I love those socks. They are so super soft, the colors are never boring, oh, and did I mention they smell ssooooooo good? I just want to sniff them all the time, but that would interfer with the knitting. This skein of yarn is called Caves & Crystals. She also has other colors available, but they seem to be going fast, so don't waste time to check them out. In honor of the occasion I pulled out my ebony needles, which was maybe not such a good choice for the fact, that part of the yarn is black and so are the needles. Thank god for being able to knit without having to look at it. I can't wait to start on the second one and see if it turns out the same way. I know my husband wouldn't dare to touch them, but I'll be wearing them proudly. Did I forget to put that on my weird list back then? I should have. While everybody around me wears white tennis socks, I'll be the oddball to wear funky striped or spreckled socks. I even wear the ones with with the fuzzy cuff in public!!

On other note I'm ashamed to reveal, that I am only on repeat 30 on the stole. What's my excuse? I had a yard sale the last two days and besides a headache from sitting in the sun all morning and a nice tan on my neck and face I also made some money (yipee) and I sure don't miss the things I got rid off. What I had left is packed up and awaits the next yard sale, whenever that might be. My son even had a lemonade stand, which I ended up manning for a while. I got on him for that, but at the end both of my boys got some new toys for the ones they gave up for the sale. It was a good trade. I also sold Barbarossa on etsy!!! My first customer and my first sale!! I had to pull out some things from there too, because my neighbors bought them on the yard sale and I'm going to have to crochet another baby blanket, because they couldn't deside which would get it. One has to get a custom one and has to wait for it now. Her daughter wants to learn how to knit now, since she got two of my scarves. Did I forget to mention, that I have scarves? ooops. Well, it's getting colder now and I guess it's time to put them up on etsy. Check it out. (HINT)

Enough for today, gotta knit, gotta drink more coffee and gotta take pics of my other treasures, I had stashed away. Later :)


At 8:04 AM, Anonymous keri said...

I love the colors and the pattern it looks great!

What fun at the garage sale, and look how popular your hand-crafted items were? =)

At 11:16 AM, Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

wooo hoo! angelika, it seems that both of us are in luck! the socks look great! i am a fan of pooling so i think they are great! and my other test knitter jenn, saw the pictures and now wants some caves and crystals yarn! thanks for puggling me ;) high five to your first customer too! it's a good feeling :)

At 12:03 PM, Anonymous Rachel said...

I love those socks! The pooling is pretty psychedelic. It will be interesting to see how sock #2 turns out.


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