Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Fun

Happy Halloween everybody. I wanted to update you on how our halloween went yesterday. It was all pretty short and sweet. My two boys dressed up as a Ninja and a Vampire and they went out with my husband to collect the candy, while I was guarding the house handing out candy to anybody who dared to come close. It's not that I totally went all out and decorated or something, I just wanted to see how brave the kids are in our neighborhood. Well, as you can see on the picture (I'm the fuzzy one) they had to be brave. I put on my husbands gilly suit and sat on my doorstep. At first I wanted them to come to the door and I was going to jump out on them, but there were too many little ones and I didn't want them to go home with nightmares, so I just did it this way. I was called anything from swamp monster to yedi, to talking bush. It was hot under all that burlap, you wouldn't believe it.

We ended up wit about as much candy as we handed out and I had to sweep up my house today and get rid of all the fuzzies I lost in the process last night. Well, I just had a bad hair day, I guess. I should really consider changing my hair dresser. Don't you think?


At 12:00 AM, Blogger jojo* said...

Oh my. You look "beautiful!" Nice of you not to give the neighborhood kids nightmares. ;)

At 2:05 AM, Anonymous Rachel said...

Um, I think you may want to find a new hairdresser ;) Great costume. It probably would have been really funny to scare the kids, but I'm sure their parents appreciate that you decided against it.


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