Friday, November 03, 2006

I love surprises like this

Look at the goodies I found in the mail today! Thank you soooo much Anja. I didn't expect that. Well, I knew she was going to send me something, but I didn't think she'd send me half of what she made. I don't even know which ones of the stitchmarkers I like the best and the keychain is just too cute. I love it. This shows once more that knitters are very generous people. Maybe Anja will sell those soon on her etsy shop? I guess we'll have to check and see.

I also have the hat finished and it's too small for me or either of my kids. That means it's definitely a toddler size and now I'm working on the matching mittens. I'm sure Catherine likes what I've done with her yarn. I'll show you more pictures, when the whole set is done, which shouldn't take that long. I might just have to make those mittens with thumbs, since they are for kids, not for newborns. My little son absolutely loves the last set of mittens I made him so much, that they had to be in the wash all the time. They just got wet so quick, but here in Georgia there shouldn't be much snow to mess with. I can't believe it, but in Germany they already had their first snow. Sniff. I guess I DO miss it already. Enough of this, gotta drown my home sickness with knitting. Later....


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