Thursday, August 23, 2007

Promised Pics

Here are the promised pictures of the red socks. I had my older son model them for me, since they are a tad small for my feet and he didn't want to take them off anymore. He is claiming them. Imagine that. Makes me feel good that he likes them so much, even though I didn't think he would go for the color. Unfortunately if I use the flash, the pattern won't show and if I don't use it, the pattern does show, but it doesn't seem to want to focus as good. So that's the best I can give you right now.

Piglet is still headless. Looks kinda creapy. I was up to his snout yesterday and figured out is wasn't quite where it usually goes, so I ripped his head out, literally, and started redoing it. It's turning out the same way again and I can't find out where I might have goofed up the pattern. I've done this pig so many times and now I'm running into this? Don't ask, I don't know. I'll deal with it somehow. Either he will forever look to the right, or I'll fudge the pattern to make it fit. :)



At 11:13 AM, Blogger Sue J. said...

Nice socks! How terrific that your son has claimed them. Piglet is looking good, too.

At 2:40 PM, Anonymous tiennie said...

Ack! The horror! I had to quickly shut down my browswer before my 4-yo saw Piglet headless! ;)

The socks look great!

At 5:33 PM, Blogger ~Kristie said...

Oh no! Poor Piglet! Has he been hanging out with the headless horseman?

Your socks turned out very nice. I like the colors.


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