Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Almost finished

I just wanted to post my update on the pair of cabled gloves I'm working on. I'm proud to say that I'm ready to knit the fingers on the second glove, which should mean I get them finished by today. Then I can concentrate on working on the matching scarf, so I can get both of them in the mail an flying across the ocean. My kimono shawl is taking a winter break in the meantime. Sorry about that, but christmas presents have priority.

I also ran into another dilemma. I can't find my address book! My husband is already ragging on me for not sending any christmas cards again and he is wondering how I keep my friends if they can't even keep track of us without getting a card for christmas to update our address. To be honest, last year either I called or I sent out a christmas greeting on the internet. Hey, it's the new way of keeping track of each other and I don't even have the actual addresses of some of my friends, but I still have their email addresses. Does that count? At least they don't change as much as our addresses, being in the military and all.

The other thing going on right now is, that both of my boys are at home again today. Our family has been hit by the stomach flu since last weekend and one of the boys has always been home this week. Today they switched, but I ended up picking up the little one from the school nurse again. His teacher kinda suggested to make sure he feels better before he gets back to school with only four more school days left this year and all. I guess that was her way of telling me just to leave him at home for the rest of the time. I guess that means no work for me this week and also that I can't do any christmas shopping either. How am I going to buy something for them, if they are with me at the store? I'm running really late this year anyway. This is the part I really do NOT enjoy about christmas - the shopping. If it was up to me we would just get the presents after the holidays, after everybody is done returning their unwanted items and all. I'm not much for the whole herd principal and doing everything the same way, just because the others are doing it. I'm just going to be one of those last minute shoppers, this time out of necessity.

That's all for my entry right now and I hope they do feel better soon, because I miss my quiet time in the mornings and they will be out of school for a while soon enough.


At 4:13 PM, Blogger Erica said...

Online shopping! That's the only way I get any shopping done. Reilly hasn't even wised up to rather obnoxious increase of packages at the CMR. Ah, to be young and believe in Santa!

At 4:07 AM, Anonymous Karin said...

Hi Geli,
hab gestern Mist gebaut und alle meine E-mail-Adressen versegentlich und endgültig (!) gelöscht. Schick mir doch mal eine, damit ich dich wieder eintragen kann! ....ich blöde....
LG Karin


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