Thursday, December 14, 2006

Second cables done

I hate to tell you that my digicam is acting up right now, so there is no evidence shot of my newly finished cabled fingerless gloves. (Sorry, I'm watching CSI and it's rubbing off on me) They look a little like a cheese head, since the rib pattern is pulling the glove together, but the fingers are regular stockinette stitch, which makes them spread a little. They look so good, that I am almost tempted to keep them and send of the grey ones I finished a while ago. But I guess I can't do that, since I'm working on the matching scarf. Since the last picture it grew to about 45 inches by now and I've worked 16 pattern repeats. I've only used a good pack and a half of the yarn and I was planning on using up the remaining four, since I only needed one for the gloves. I am planning on adding a fringe to the scarf, which will probably eat up a little more yarn. Wow, that almost seems like I'm trying to get rid of it, doesn't it? Hey, I'm working on making my stash a little smaller and turning it into something useful. I hope to add the pictures later. :)


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